University of Sciences and Arts in Lebanon

is a welcoming private, independent academic institution of higher education. It is licensed under decree # 1738, April 14, 2009. It started its operations in September 2013. The university academic degrees were validated by the Ministry of Higher Education in July 2015.

University of Sciences and Arts in Lebanon

USAL seeks to lead and excel in higher education and scientific research in line with the divine values, and sustainable human development needs, while keeping the overall quality standards.

USAL provides a qualitative academic education and fosters scientific research. It stimulates the intellectual, scientific, social, cultural, and sports potentials for students. It contributes to the formation of a young generation empowered with sciences, experience, professionalism and ethics. Its graduates are humane and scientific, able to adapt to the modern society, and qualified to use their skills and talents to meet the needs of the local and the global labor market.

They successfully implement quality standards, objectivity in scientific research, and are committed to the spiritual and cultural values based on brotherhood, cooperation, justice, dialogue, recognition of the other, and positive attitude.

The University of Sciences and Arts in Lebanon (USAL) is proud of its students. It wishes them success, excellence, health, and peace. Human development is the base of our activities at USAL. We believe in the human pride, freedom, and dignity. Nurturing the student’s personality and his diversified potentials is our main focus. We aim to supporting him in achieving his ambitions, success and prosperity.

USAL insists on honorable moral based on care, acceptance and recognition of the other, regardless of his affiliation, culture and background. Therefore, USAL student is sincere, honest, humble, cooperative, open minded, merciful, peaceful, sensitive and supportive. USAL student praises the Lord and is loyal to his homeland. He is willing to participate in social development, to protect and to defend his homeland and his values. He contributes to social welfare and development. He has a positive attitude, aims for justice, works right and achieves peace. At USAL, we aim to implement a rich learning environment based on efficient education and extra-curricular activities. We work hard so that the students succeed in their academic life and become ready for a positively competitive labor market. With your cooperation and efforts, we will succeed and excel.

While we devote ourselves to the development of a distinguished student, we look forward for your full commitment. We admire your knowledge proficiency, competency, creativity, diversified tools, and leadership skills. We trust your faith, loyalty, and sense of responsibility for the welfare of our society of students so that you support their aspirations, wishes and ambitions. With your deep and wide knowledge, active learning tools, and innovative skills, you can lead USAL peacefully to achieve its goals. We look forward that you invest your different competencies in the academic mission of USAL so that we graduate challenging, aggressive and competitive generations of young leaders. We trust your eagerness towards our goals and wish you continuous success.




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Graduates’ Testimonials

After gaining my bachelor’s degree from USAL, I headed to the labor market, with an experience full of culture and different skills, specifically languages and programming. This allowed me to achieve my aspirations in the work field.

Ali Yussuf

Software Engineer at Vanrise Solutions
USAL was a great addition to my life, on both personal and practical levels. It added to my self-esteem, allowing me to engage in my career life with utmost smoothness. This University gave me the opportunity to enter the life of work through the doors of NBN television channel as a news editor and a video editor, it also made it possible for me to continue my higher education in the Lebanese University.

Khadija Mruwe

Video Editor at NBN
I am a Radio and Television graduate from USAL. The University gave us the opportunity to train inside the faculty departments by teachers and qualified persons who combine theory and filed work, making it easier for me to enter the labor market in the field of Media.

Jacqueline Obeid

Editor at the Media Department in Al Mabarrat Charity Association
My experience at USAL was amazing; I acquired many skills in different fields, most important of which were programming skills. These were greatly useful because they taught me how to find appropriate solutions for different situations I face.

Ali Kaakati

Software Engineer at Madain Corp
I am an Accounting and Finance graduate from USAL. The University had been a house for acquiring knowledge and learning practicable skills; it helped us apply all the information we acquired in the work field, and benefit from our personal skills to build up our career.

Ali Al Attar

Accountant at Zumorrod Trading Company
As a mobile application developer handling state of the art company frameworks, I can undoubtable state that the University of Sciences and Arts helped me gain the skills and expertise I need in my day-to-day at work. The astounding attention to academic details and the staggering number of connections my Professors provided me throughout three years of my academic studies throttled my readiness on a personal, academic and professional level. Additionally, through the humanitarian and professional assistance of the University’s staff I personally found the specialty I want to do all my life.

Moustafa khrayzat

Flutter App Developer at Soft brain

USAL provided me with necessary expertise, ability and efficient programs in order to complete my projects and to overcome any difficult experience I may face. The university also introduced me to all skills and programming languages, through which I was able to enter the labor market and achieve my aspirations.

Mohammad Koaik

Web Developer at Wztechno Company
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I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Accounting after studying for three years at USAL. It was a journey filled with knowledge and progress, and this enabled me to enter the labor market and develop my thinking methods in anticipating problems and finding solutions in addition to writing organized plans with regard to priority, time and cost on both professional and practical aspects.

Zeinab Hoteit

IT Support and Programming at AL Mayadeen TV
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The three years I have spent at the university studying Computer Sciences were highly distinguished. I was able to acquire the necessary skills needed to develop websites that enabled me to enter the labor market. I am now investing all that I have learned at the university in my job as a Front-End Developer.

Mohammad Hammoud

Front-end Developer at The Volunteer Circle
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My three years at USAL were more than an amazing experience; I felt that I actually had a second family. I started working immediately after my graduation thanks to the highly qualified administrative and educational staff, and I entered the labor market in a global company due to the practical skills I acquired at the university. I am today proud to be a USAL graduate.

Hanan Al Mokdad

Public Relations at the international company IELTS

I graduated from USAL majoring in Radio and Television. The university’s imitation of the Media world through applied courses and logistic equipment provided to students, in addition to the well experienced teachers in the field of Media allowed for increased job opportunities to graduates, and their distinction in the labor market.

Nour Mariam Al Zein

Editor and News Anchor at Lulua TV
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My experience at USAL formed an added value that promoted my personal abilities. It was through the adopted structured and elaborate means of education that students were provided with practical field experience throughout their years of study, and thus acquired the necessary experience with utmost competence. This was directly reflected in the labor market.

Houssam Taha

Newspaper Editor

In USAL you gain more than learning by getting in touch with experienced people in the real market, so you got everything knowledge, experience, and self confidence.

Mahmoud Slaman

Procurement at Twellium Industries Company - Ghana

I am a graduate of Accounting and Finance, and USAL was by all means a university that housed the requirements of the labor market and included them in its curriculum. The university has always been keen to provide us with the most modern means of education. It has also developed our communication skills and motivated us to practice self-learning; this pushed us to be deeply associated in the professional field.

Souhad Mahmoud

Accountant at The Concept Gallery

I am a graduate of Accounting and Finance, and my study at USAL was exceptional at all levels. It was an experience that reshaped me personally and educationally. Due to the excellent educational services provided by the university, I was able to adapt rapidly to the labor market and to show distinction.

Daoud Abdallah

Accountant at the Department of Relations and Solidarity
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