The Library

The Library is the infrastructure of the educational process, for it houses multiple sources of information, both electronic and paper (books, references, journals, e-books, scientific articles and more). USAL Library is equipped with an electronic system to facilitate the search process, in addition to computers and internet service.

Library Services

All USAL current students, graduates, teaching staff, researches and all employees may benefit from the Library services. These services include:

  • Providing an appropriate environment for reading and research work.
  • Internal borrowing system.
  • External borrowing system.
  • Computers connected to the internet.
  • Photocopy services from different references.

Library Rules

USAL students are expected to abide to the Library’s internal law stated below:

  • Show the University Card to the librarian.
  • Do not eat or drink inside the Library.
  • Do not leave any personal objects on the Library tables.
  • Do not talk on mobile phones and keep it on silent mode.
  • Preserve books from damage, and do not write any notes on them.
  • Preserve the Library belongings and keep it clean.
  • Keep silence.
  • Leave books on the tables, without returning them to the shelves.

Borrowing Rules

Students may borrow from the Library within the following frame:

  • Students are allowed to borrow two books at the same time.
  • Students are allowed to borrow a book for a period of two weeks, and they can renew the period two days before its termination.
  • Students may reserve borrowed books at the librarian, and the librarian shall inform them of the receipt date.
  • Students must take care of the books they borrowed, and return them as they were. They are not allowed to write on them, fold any page, use sticky notes on them or cause any other damage.
  • Students must pay for any damaged book they borrowed.
  • Students who borrow a book to benefit from in-campus must return it in the same day before the Library closes.
  • If students fail to return borrowed books 72 hours after the return date, they are fined for every day of delay.
  • Students are allowed to photocopy a maximum of 10% of the total book pages and 30% of the total journal and magazine pages.
  • Students are allowed to use computers available at the Library to search the digital index, or to browse electronic libraries.

Computer Labs

The University houses three computer labs equipped with the latest technologies and software programs meeting all requirements of University majors. The computers are highly-efficient, with new and diverse software, in addition to high speed internet connection. These labs are also equipped with visual presentation means to use in instruction.
These labs are engaged in the educational process for all programs, in Computer Sciences, Management, Media and Education. They are also used for scientific and applied research.

Rules for using labs

Students must abide to the following rules inside the computer labs:

  • Do not use computers for non-educational purposes.
  • Do not mess with programs and files found on the computers.
  • Do not misuse computers causing them any damage.
  • Make sure computers are shut down through the shutdown button without causing them any damage.
  • Do not eat or drink anything inside labs.
  • Do not use mobile phones inside labs.
  • Inform the instructor of any damage in the computers, without trying to fix it.
  • Return the chair to place after using the computer.

The Media Studio

The University aims at instilling creativity and promoting innovation in all fields of Media work, therefore, it founded the Media Studio. The Studio is equipped with the latest audio-visual installations and equipment necessary for practical application of the academic courses. The University’s main purpose of this step is to raise the quality of education in Media, and to graduate journalists who are ready to meet the needs of the labor market. It is a new place in the University to exchange expertise and reinforce skills.
The Media Studio contains equipment and installations that consist the platform of studios for satellite channels, most important of which are: HD Cameras and relevant control devices, audio devices, editing devices, the soundproof room for talk shows and news, in addition to all necessary services that help students successfully complete the production process.
It is noteworthy that the Studio is equipped with the necessary technologies that simulates the labor market, strengthens students’ knowledge and skills and increases their opportunity to join that market.

Services offered by the Studio

Students may benefit from the following services:

  • Technical assistance to help students in completing their projects.
  • Provide students with the necessary place, equipment and installations to reinforce their skills.
  • Conduct audio-visual practical training courses and workshops.
  • Provide equipment and installations that are necessary for students’ activities outside the University.
  • Train students to use media related installations and programs.

Rules for using the Studio

Students are expected to maintain the soundness of devices at the Studio, making sure they are not damaged or misused by abiding to the following rules:

  • Use devices as per the instructor’s directions.
  • Do not eat or drink inside the Studio.
  • Do not use mobile phones inside the Studio.
  • Do not use the devices for non-educational purposes.