The Department of Administrative Affairs is responsible for managing several supportive services that contribute to run non-academic activities in the University. It also provides logistic support to all University units, thus facilitating their jobs and assisting them in achieving their goals.

This department also supervises several service offices in the University such as maintenance, purchases, warehouse management, security and cleaning services. It prepares plans and programs organizing the work of employees in the administrative affairs, ensuring that all service-related duties run smoothly.

The Maintenance Office

It is responsible for the safety of the University facilities and the proper functioning of its equipment and installations through regular maintenance work.


  • Preparing a list of all works that require preventive maintenance.
  • Fixing all urgent malfunctions in different administrative and academic departments as soon as possible.
  • Examining all maintenance work related to plantations.
  • Examining all maintenance work related to the buildings, playgrounds, and parking spots.
  • Examining all maintenance work related to safety devices, elevators and the telephone exchange.
  • Examining all extension works, and new additions to the buildings and extensions.

Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management Office is responsible for preserving and storing stocks in accordance with their nature to avoid their deterioration. Its job also includes organizing stocks and classifying them for easy access.


  • Storing and controlling stocks, and removing deteriorating and expired items.
  • Preparing inventory cards of the items found in the inventory, organizing them and classifying them duly.
  • Taking all preventive measures to protect the warehouse from risks of fire, theft and deterioration.
  • Keeping records, cards and inventory documents, and updating them when needed.
  • Regularly checking for out stocks.
  • Performing annual count stock.

Purchases Office

Purchases Office is responsible for the provision of supplies and tools needed by the University, taking into consideration both quality and fair prices.


  • Procurement of University requirements including tools and necessities in specified quantities and qualities regarding timing, fair prices and suitable sources.
  • Procurement of purchases requested by the different departments and facilities of the University as soon as possible, abiding to stated policies and procedures.
  • Soliciting quotations from different commercial institutions, examining them and ensuring their conformity with the required specifications, taking into consideration both quality and fair price.
  • Following up with the price movement between institutions that sell items required by the University.
  • Monitoring markets to ensure the availability of requirements, their quality and prices.
  • Enhancing the relationship with importers to benefit from fair prices of requirements while maintaining high quality.

Guard Office

The Guard Office is responsible for preserving the security of the University buildings, and the safety of its properties, employees and students.


  • Organizing all guard duties and shift hours.
  • Ensuring the safety of all University buildings, including internal and external facilities by conducting periodic inspection tours.
  • Ensuring that workers had not left hazardous wastes on maintenance sites in the building.
  • Ensuring that guards abide to rules, regulations and instructions.
  • Making sure that substitute guards are available in case one guard was obliged to leave his spot.
  • Supervising the safety of guarding equipment such as cameras and radios.
  • Intervening whenever the University is at risk.

Cleaning Services Office

The Cleaning Services Office runs cleaning works at the University.


  • Ensuring the University building and related facilities are clean.
  • Preparing work programs to organize the tasks of cleaning services staff.
  • Supervising the performance of the cleaning staff, and ensuring their commitment to the required standards while they perform their work.
  • Procurement of the Cleaning Office requirements including tools and detergents.
  • Ensuring that the cleaning staff is aware of all health and safety conditions required in this job.

Contact Information

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