The University of Sciences and Literature offers scholarships and financial aids in different forms.

Baccalaureate Scholarship

  1. Offered to outstanding students who acquired high averages in official Lebanese BACC II degree exams as follows:
Average Discount Rate
14 – 14.99 10%
15 – 15.99 20%
16 – 17.99 30%
18 and above 100%
  1. A specialized committee in the University examines scholarships applied for by outstanding students who hold a Technical Baccalaureate or a Non-Lebanese Baccalaureate.
  2. Baccalaureate Scholarship Continuity Conditions: In order to keep the scholarship, a student shall maintain his/ her CGPA in consecutive semesters; therefore, the following are taken into consideration:
    • A scholarship is granted only for the first semester, or until the completion of 15 credits. It shall be renewed in the following semesters according to CGPA-dependent scholarship system.
    • A student with a scholarship of 80% and above, keeps his/ her scholarship if he/ she maintains a CGPA not less than 3.75.
    • A student loses his/ her scholarship if he/ she violates the University Regulations and disciplinary decisions were issued against him/ her.

Scholarships for Academic Excellence

Outstanding students who completed at least 15 credits in any of the university majors, and got high CGPA, are granted scholarships as follows:

Average Discount Rate
3.50 – 3.74 20%
3.75 – 4 30%

Social Scholarships and Special Scholarships

  1. The University offers Social Scholarships in the following two scopes:
    • The University grants 50% scholarships for orphans noting that such students have not exceeded the age of 21 years old.
    • The University grants discounts on university credits for students who are incapable of paying full tuitions and fees for their study, due to their limited financial capacity. Discount rates are decided upon in accordance with a study executed by the Office of Student Affairs. Financial support may range between 5% and 45%.
  2. The University offers Special Scholarships as follows:
    • The University grants a scholarship of 40% for graduates, employees of Al Mabarrat Association institution, and their children.
    • The University grants educational scholarships for educational or social institutions in accordance with agreements held between them.
  3. A student loses 5% of his/ her social scholarship each time his/ her GPA decreases below (2), and regains it if his/ her CGPA becomes (2) or above.

Student Support Fund Scholarship

The Student Support Fund covers study fees for indigent students in the form of soft loans to facilitate their enrollment in the university. They thus have the opportunity to continue their studies, after taking into consideration the principle of promoting self-reliance, according to the following standards:

  1. A student can have a maximum loan of 50% rate discounted from the total credit fees.
  2. The loan rate shall be determined by the fund committee, and the student pays the remaining amount under a financial agreement in accordance with his/ her financial status.
  3. Scheduling loan payments is determined upon the student’s graduation according to a financial settlement taking into consideration the student’s economic status. The repayment of the loan should not exceed four years after graduation; either 12 months since graduation or two months after employment (whichever sooner).
  4. A student’s graduation certificate or a graduation statement is dependent upon a settlement in which payment dates and amounts are determined, and upon signing an undertaking to introduce payments as per agreement.

Tomooh Scholarship

Responding to the students’ current difficult economic circumstances, preventing them from completing their studies, the University launched a scholarship program entitled “TOMOOH”, in which 60 scholarships of 50% to 100% were assigned. TOMOOH scholarships are granted according to social and academic measurable subjective standards.

  1. Conditions for acquiring the scholarship:
    • Being unable to pay study fees due to the difficult economic and social circumstances.
    • Having had an average that is not less than 12/20 during the final three years of secondary education.
    • Meeting the acceptance conditions determined for the program in which the student wishes to enroll.
  2. Conditions for continuation of the scholarship:
    • Preserving a CGPA not less than 2.0 during study years.
    • A student is not allowed to register in the program in case of withdrawal or postponement of studies without any legitimate excuse that is approved by the faculty administration.
    • Students shall continue their studies in the same program in which they enrolled; they are not allowed to change programs (they are still allowed to change concentrations in the same program, conditioned that they study extra courses at their own expense).
    • Abiding to the student code of conduct; otherwise, students are entitled to lose their scholarship.
  3. The scholarship program covers the cost of any course once only. In case any student fails the course, or withdrew from it, or became academically withdraw, he/ she is entitled to retake the course at his/ her expense.
  4. Any student who enrolls in the scholarship program shall complete the graduation requirements in three years. Extending this period requires the approval of the faculty dean.