The faculty of Management, Finance and Economics (FMFE) at USAL was established in 2013. It started its operations in the same year. The first promotion graduates in summer 2016.
FMFE aims to be a leader in the management field in Lebanon. Its target is to fill the gap between academia and the labor market. It focuses on preparing a labor force with solid scientific background with practical skills.
You are invited to visit our premises on the old airport road. You can see and touch our friendly environment. You can also visit the FMFE to enquire about the business concentrations, or any further enquiry.

Dean's letter

Since its establishment in 2013-2014 academic year, the Faculty of Management, Finance, and Economics (FMFE) at USAL has been striving to develop its programs to meet the job market requirement. It engulfs its business graduates with confidence, knowledge, and motivation in order to easily adjust for a dynamic working place.

FMFE education model is based on four pillars:

  1. Equipping students with soft skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, problem solving, IT proficiency, and other skills that help them excel in the job market.
  2. High quality curricula developed in accordance with the continuous changes in the labor market and designed to supply graduates with the theoretical and practical knowledge to help them excel in the business world.
  3. Faculty members graduating from reputable institutions with a significant market experience so that knowledge is optimally conveyed to students.
  4. Providing intensive internship and training opportunities to the students to experience real working environment, and acquaint them with regulations and procedures. At USAL, the students experience a supporting and motivating environment. The advisors provide them with help and guidance to succeed and to excel in their academic life. The administrative staff embraces a helpful environment. We are all there to for you. At USAL, we foster many non-curricular activities to develop confident, socially-mature, and responsible future leaders. Activities such as music, hand-craft, sports, and social club are common at USAL.

You are most welcome to visit us on campus. We will be glad to help, guide, and support you all the way.

faculty programs

The Faculty of Management, Finance, and Economics (FMFE) offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in six concentrations as follows:

Accounting & Finance

Accounting and Finance

Human Resources

Human Resources



Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Management Information Systems

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management

Graduation Requirements

  1. Achieving successfully 97 credits (except MIS, which requires 98 credits) as follows:
University Requirement 9 credits
College Requirement (Core) 48 credits
Concentration Requirements 28 credits (29 for MIS)
Elective Requirements
College elective 6 credits
Free elective 6 credits
Total credits 97 credits (98 for MIS)
  1. Obtaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 over 4.
  2. Take an internship of 150 working hours after which the student is required to submit a written report.

Program Duration

3 years for non-transfer students, with an official Lebanese BACC II degree, who successfully pass their placement tests (English, Arabic, and Math).

3 -3.5 years for non-transfer students, with an official Lebanese BACC II degree, who need some remedial courses (English, Arabic, and Math).

Transfer students study duration depends on the amount of transferred credits.

Double Concentration

Business students who wish to take a double concentration should take fifteen extra credits to be discussed with their advisor. They are encouraged to take their decision in this regard as early as possible while in their studies.

Training and Internship Requirements

BBA students should take an internship of at least 150 working hours. The goal of the internship is to acquaint the students with basic working place conditions and to conduct some basic tasks related to their field of studies.

Moreover, the FMFE benefits from its affiliation with AL-Mabarrat Association to place business students in extended training and internship program in the Association, its institutions and its dealers.

Placement Test

Candidate for the BBA degree at USAL should sit for three placement tests:

  • English
  • Arabic,
  • Math (math topics covered in the placement test are presented in appendix B).

Students who do not successfully pass these tests will be required to take some remedial courses.

Business Student Profile

The education model at the Faculty of Management, Finance, and education at USAL aims to prepare business students in adapting to a rapidly changing world. Three basic characteristics distinguish FMFE business students:

Sustainable Learning and Information Technology:

We live in a continuously changing world. Fast technological development embraces all aspects of our daily life. On the other hand, the available and reliable information in the cyberspace is overwhelming. Knowledge has never been so affordable.

At the Faculty of Management, Finance, and Economics (FMFE), we believe that the ability to continuously update and upgrade knowledge is a must for any graduating students.

During their studying period at the FMFE, the business students learn to learn. Their learning capacity becomes unlimited. The curricula are based on active learning, hand on experience, and especially on searching and fetching resources.


Business Communication and Soft Skills:

The Faculty of Management, Finance, and Economics (FMFE) at USAL places a strong weight on developing students’ communication skills. Its graduating students are expected to have good command of English and efficient business communication skills.

At FMFE, we believe that strong communication skills and soft skills (IT skills, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, creativity…) are a must for business students. For this reason, the students are required to follow many computer and communication courses. It is imperative that they make many presentations either individually or in teams in the course of their studies. Moreover, they are required to perform some basic research skills and are encouraged to participate in non-curricular activities.


Moral Values and Social responsibility:

Current students are future leaders and future parents. They are the main gearing force in our society. They will be taking decisions in all aspects of their daily life. Instilling moral values is an essential part of modern education. An education without moral may lead to bad decisions.

The Faculty of Management, Finance, and Economics (FMFE) at USAL places an important role in developing responsible behavior by integrating social activities in curricular and non-curricular activities.