High school students may visit the University on any day of the academic year, where the University employees are always available to answer their inquiries, and ready to help them make the right choices regarding the academic future. The University also organizes several special days to guide students and counsel them, allowing them to know the different aspects of the University life, such as the orientation days held at the beginning of the semesters and open days, in addition to its participation in different orientation exhibitions.

Open Day

Participation in the open days allows high school students to communicate with the University instructors, administrators and students, providing them with the opportunity to find answers to all of their inquiries related to University’s academic programs, services and student life.

The open day starts with a tour in the University campus, during which students get to know the University’s parameters including classrooms and different important facilities. After that, explanatory activities for each major are presented, allowing students to recognize the main fields they will be working in when registering for a specific major. Students will thereafter be able to attend presentations on the University programs and styles of instructions adopted, in addition to the services it offers and the system of scholarships and financial aid.

Briefly, on participating in the open day, students will be able to draw an image of the University life they will experience when they finish school.

Mostly, open days help students take the right decisions regarding the major that best suits their interests and potentials, thus, do not hesitate to inquire about anything you wish to know.

Orientation Day

The University holds an orientation day at the beginning of each academic year in order to introduce students to the University life and its characteristics. This day is an opportunity to be acquainted with the campus before the semester begins. Students shall be able to know the classrooms, laboratories and important facilities which they will benefit from throughout their years of study. It also allows them to see each other and to communicate, thus meeting their colleagues before their first day of the University.

The orientation day attaches considerable importance to introducing students to the University’s academic rules and regulations. Instructors and academic advisors also provide them with the necessary academic information regarding important regulations they must abide to and consider. This shall help students adapt with the University life faster.

Do not hesitate to ask questions regarding your life at the University, the academic or non-academic one. The advisors at the University shall be glad to answer all your questions.

Orientation Exhibitions

The University annually participates in orientation exhibitions organized by local educational institutions, with an aim to help students determine their future choices regarding the majors they wish to register for. When any student visits the University’s corner at these exhibitions, he/ she will be able to know its academic programs, available services and scholarship system. The University representatives will be available to answer students’ different questions.