Today, the world is witnessing rapid changes that are structurally affecting companies and industries, and posing difficult challenges on specialists and professionals, making continuing education and professional development a necessity rather than a choice. Education is the quest that does not cease by graduation, it is lasts a lifetime.

Here at USAL, all high quality potentials and abilities in education are dedicated to introduce continuing education programs that meet the needs of non-traditional students, and provide them with the necessary tools and techniques thus reinforcing competitiveness in their field of specialty.

USAL’s Continuing Education Programs

Visit and Audit Students Program:Program targets non-traditional students who wish to enhance their skills and update their knowledge by studying some non-certification courses offered by the University. Non-traditional students are of two types as follows:

  1. Visiting Student: Visiting students must abide by the regulations of the courses they registered for (attendance, exams and others). Their credits may be transferred to university credits if they wish to register as regular students in the future. After completing courses, visiting students are provided with relevant statements and grade records.
  2. Audit Student: Audit students benefit from attending courses without having to abide to their regulations. In such case, they are not allowed to transfer their credits into university credits. After completing courses, audit students are provided with relevant statements of participation.

To register in any program, kindly visit Registration Procedures for Visiting or Audit Students (link).

Seminars and Workshops: the University organizes interactive workshops and specialized seminars upon the request of certain institutions, especially those whom it is on partnership agreements with. It also offers, regularly, workshops and seminars targeting different individuals, i.e. professionals, specialists or those who are interested in improving their skills and knowledge.

Registration Procedures for Workshops and Seminars will be announced in due course.

Fields of Continuing Education at USAL

Continuing Education Programs include all majors offered by the University:


General Education, Special Education, Physical Education, Teaching Sciences and Mathematics, Teaching Arabic Language, Teaching English Language, Early Childhood Education


Management, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Management of Information Systems, Digital Marketing, Hotel Management


Radio and Television, Public Relations, Digital Media


Computer Sciences

Computing, Computer and Network Security, Data Science


Offered Courses in Education Offered Courses in Management Offered Courses in Media Offered Courses in Computer Sciences




News about Continuing Education Activities

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