What is Special Education Major?

People differ in their needs, abilities, attitudes and learning patterns. This difference results in a diversity of creations, contributions, and outputs on the one hand and a disparity in the level of need for care and education on the other to respond to this diversity. Attention to people with special needs is also seen as a manifestation of the social and cultural progress of human beings to the maximum extent of their abilities and respect.
Thus, the competent education is considered a set of programs and educational activities that provide care and special education to a specific group of students with special needs. The aim is to stimulate their mental and physical abilities to the maximum extent possible and to support them in their environment.
Educators usually enjoy deep human relationships with people with special needs and the challenge of working with this group of students.
Specialized education has become a prerequisite for many inclusive schools, care centers, early intervention and families of children with special needs to provide sound care based on the latest studies and research.

Expected outputs

Through this specialization, students are given the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to work in the field of specialized education through study and practical programs in monitoring and identifying special needs, intervention and education strategies, measurement and evaluation and comprehensive development programs. At the end of the specialization, the graduate is able to:
• Adapt the curriculum according to the requirements of learners.
• Special needs are identified and identified by the construction of the characteristics of each special education category
• Uses special education strategies according to the specific needs of each child
• Designing a training program for the rehabilitation and guidance of families with special needs.
• Participates in the process of measurement and evaluation in special education through the application of awards and survey tools and tests prepared for use by the special teacher.
• An individual educational plan based on an understanding of the components of the diagnostic report, its interpretation and analysis of its results.
• Adaptes, adjusts and adapts programs, curriculum and classroom environment to teach subjects.
• Implement the basic principles of early intervention within school intervention and environment centers.
• Applies educational programs for people with developmental disorders, learning difficulties, behavioral disorder, emotional and gifted.
• Designing a training program for the rehabilitation and guidance of families with special needs.
• Communicates orally and in writing in various contexts related to the teaching profession.
• Design and implement learning situations by outputs.
• Evaluate the learning process and measure the extent to which the required competencies are achieved.
• Uses technology and employs it appropriately for the needs of learners.
• Possess creative creative thinking skills and independent self-learning skills.

Fields of work

Special education graduates work in inclusive schools, private schools, care centers for people with disabilities, early intervention centers and associations working in the field of caring for gifted or disabled children.

Terms of affiliation

– Possession of Lebanese Secondary School Certificate – Section II or its equivalent.
– A written examination to determine the level in the Arabic language and one of the foreign languages (English or French).
– Pass the stage of academic guidance, which aims to determine the suitability of the potential and qualifications of the student with competence.