About clubs

Student clubs are an important forum for discovering and developing talents. They play an important role in building educational and life experiences for students, allowing them to practice non-academic activities, and help to refine some skills in a practical way such as communication, teamwork and leadership.


– Discover, refine, develop and develop students’ talents, abilities and skills
– Getting the student to take responsibility, giving and giving
– instilling the spirit of cooperation and feeling of the other
– Contribute to the preparation of the university student and guide him to achieve a balanced personality.

The Social Service Club seeks to:
– Promoting students’ attitudes towards volunteering and community service
– Students acquire communication skills
– Promoting the concept of responsibility and self-reliance
– To inspire the enthusiasm of the participants and encourage them to achieve the best
– Promoting the principle of social solidarity
– High level of leadership skills
– Developing the spirit of teamwork, volunteering and giving
– Develop the spirit of cooperation with others and teamwork.

The club seeks to:
– Encouraging young people to exercise to develop their physical and mental abilities
-Help students to dump their energies purposefully and constructively.
-Instruct students to use their spare time in useful games to help them build their bodies
-Teamwork spirit
-Contributing to the elimination of psychological tension and emptying emotions
-To spread sports awareness aimed at sports to gain fitness and permanent activity and strengthen the body.