The Student Employment Program aims at promoting students’ skills required at the labor market, and provides the necessary temporary assistance to the academic departments and the administrative offices when they need additional support.

Conditions for Joining the Program

The applicant student shall:

  • Have been studying at the University for two semesters.
  • Be registered for 12 credits at least during the semester he/ she wishes to join the program (It is not necessary to be registered for the summer semester).
  • Have had a CGPA greater than 2.2 in the previous semester.
  • Have not violated the University regulations and have not underwent any disciplinary measure.

Employment Hours

  • Students who obtained a scholarship are allowed for a maximum of 10 hours weekly.
  • Students who did not get a scholarship are allowed for a maximum of 20 hours weekly.
  • Any additional hours served by students which exceed the allowed number of hours are not accounted for unless these were requested by the University administration.

NB: Working hours may be adjusted according to the University needs.

Standards of Work

  • A student may be assigned with duties other than the ones he/ she are already working on, conditioned that they are for the interest of the University.
  • A student may not be assigned with duties that enable him/ her to know private information about the students and the administrative and academic bodies.

Employment Application

The employment application is completed at the Office of Student Affairs upon a statement issued by the Office about the need for student employees, or when the student needs financial support to cover his/ her study fees.