English Unit Description

The English language unit contributes to achieving the vision of USAL through the promotion of academic excellence in linguistics, and the provision of basic language skills to students that will make leaders in their domains out of them.

In order to achieve our goal, the activities and materials that we offer for the student are focused to enhance professional development and creative research.

The program works hard to expand the horizons of the students and help them understand the requirements of the present time through the emphasis on cultural openness and the creation of educational identity for each student.

We aim to help students improve their own conduct by discovering their abilities and mental strengths and apply them in their daily life.

The English Unit is committed to teaching students, who come from various environments, how to rely on themselves in order to achieve their own academic, professional, and personal goals.

This is achieved through improving their analytical and critical abilities and equipping them with the Basic English language skills to walk into the future confidently.